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mgm all about us!

mgm is a no nonsense media and video consultancy which is making multi-media increasingly accessible, and affordable, to a growing number of Northern Ireland businesses and organisations. Video has become a must-have weapon of the PR armoury. From showreels to event filming, mood reels to VNRs (video news releases), video is now an essential tool to give your organisation the edge.


who's behind mgm?

mgm is headed up by Gary Grattan, one of Northern Ireland's most respected journalists, with over 25 years' experience.

gary grattan . . .

During his time as a journalist and video editor, Gary has covered a wide range of subject matter. He held the positions of security correspondent and education correspondent at the Belfast Telegraph prior to his appointment as a news editor where he steered the launch of the paper's new morning edition.

His years on one the busiest news desks in the UK have enabled him to work under pressure to the tightest of deadlines and the most demanding of editorial briefs, liaising with personnel from the shop floor to the boardroom.

Gary's well-honed editorial judgment enables him to identify the most engaging story angles for videos while his vast experience as a journalist gives him the edge when it comes to inter-personal skills.

In 2007 he spear-headed the launch of Belfast Telegraph TV as the paper's first ever video editor, producing a diverse range of films covering everything from business to beauty, finance to fashion and pop to politics.

His cutting-edge work at the forefront of this rapidly developing technology within the media was recognised when he was the only person from Northern Ireland to date ever short-listed in the Multi-media Journalist of the Year category in the 2009 UK Press Gazette Newspaper Awards.

Gary has a wealth of experience providing videos for the private, community, voluntary and public sectors.

team members . . .

Jim Armstrong, a BA Honours student in graphic design, is the multi-media guru behind Millar Grattan Media, but he also performs a wide range of other roles for the company - including video camera work, stills photography and assisting in VT editing, providing expertise in graphics, animation, titling and art direction.

Jim spent 20 years at the Belfast Telegraph as an IT trainer and software technician where some of his important roles included responsibility for setting up the multi-media and video department/ helping to train staff in video production software, training the picture desk in updated software programmes such as Photoshop and spearheading the setting up the newspaper's digital library.

He is an expert in website design and development (including hosting and site maintenance), interactive DVD design, high-end photo manipulation and retouching and designing and producing hi-res advertising brochures, business stationary and flyers.

mgm's skill and experience . . .

mgm's skill and experience will ensure your message makes its mark. We are providing clients with a cost-effective tool to maximize their momentum in an increasingly digital world.